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The Facilities

Built to make you a better climber

Honesty, the Front Climbing Club of Ogden is likely the most beautiful climbing gym in the world.  The interior space is light and open, and the contrast of the 100 year old steel and brick building with the modern sleek flowing wood walls is... well, stunning.

It is worth a trip just to visit, and if you've been to any other climbing gym, you'll probably agree it is unique in its beauty. But, as they say, beauty is only skin deep.  On closer inspection you'll discover The Ogden Front provides world-class climbing; smooth wood walls, routes, bouldering, top-rope, crags, and climbing-specific training walls.

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Route Wall and Top Rope

6,800 ft2 of lead climbing (40ft high)
Whether the gym is your destination for a day of fun or part of your training “journey”, we’re here for you! Our walls range from gentle slab to horizontal roof, and are covered with routes ranging from 5.6 (just plain fun) to 5.13 (pretty darn hard). If you’re new, let us start you off on the right foot with roped-climbing safety instruction and some basic tips to help you get to the top of the wall!


1,600 ft2 of bouldering
1600 square feet of undulating Baltic birch plywood beckon you to play on them to develop your technique, strength, and problem-solving skills. Bouldering is a sure way to increase power and train dynamic movement. Our Bouldering Wall begins just off vertical and gradually becomes steeper as you move down the length of it. Twelve-inch thick padding below makes for safe “drop-and-roll” landings!

Weight and Cardio

Full line of weight and cardio equipment
We recognize the importance of overall fitness and cross-training, and we’ve got a complete weight and cardio gym to prove it. Stationary bikes, elliptical machines, steppers, treadmills, cable-cross, kettle bells, medicine balls, weight machines, squat rack, and free weights…plus a few more odds and ends.

Youth and Group Area

youth wall
Youth and Group Area
The Youth area was designed with kids and beginners in mind. With terrain that’s just a bit less intimidating, holds that are just a bit closer together. The adjacent Party Room with a kitchenette, tables, and chairs, is available for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and any other great thing you want to celebrate! See more details on our Rock Climbing Party Packages »here


Indian Creek Canyon Design
Looking for cracks? We’ve got those, too! Thin finger cracks, flaring off-widths…thought you had to go to the desert to find them? Not so! Crack-climbing aficionados will appreciate the diversity of the terrain, and those trying for the first time will enjoy a different kind of climbing challenge


retail area
Yoga Room
Leave everything else behind when you enter The YogaLoft, our dedicated yoga studio nestled in the heart of The Front. Yoga is the perfect complement to climbing, working to remedy imbalances in the body: front-to-back, side-to-side, and strength-to-flexibility. The studio is a beautiful, light, airy space where there’s always room for everyone, regardless of experience level. See the schedule and class descriptions »here.

Pro Shop

retail area
Get your gear from folks who know! We love gear. We use gear. And we get really excited about helping you find the right gear, whether you're planning to use it here in the gym, at the crag, or on the mountain. Shoes, harnesses, hardware, ropes and crash pads from La Sportiva, Five Ten, Red Chili, Petzl, Mammut, Metolius, Black Diamond, Wild Country, New England Ropes, Pusher, and Revolution. Sweet locally handmade chalkbags. Gibbon Slacklines, Manduka yoga mats, and other cool training tools.  More detail and monthly specials »here


What is it? It’s a length of nylon webbing stretched taut about two feet off the ground between two posts. You walk on it. You do tricks on it. If you’ve never tried it, get ready to have the most fun you’ve ever had being frustrated! And then watch as your balance and core strength improve as you begin to master the skills of the slackline.



Did you Know

There are over 8,000 holes in the bouldering wall. Each in the perfect spot for a hold.

Member Benefits

Why become a member:

  • use the gym as much as you want
  • three yoga class per week
  • monthly free guest pass
  • discount on retail purchases
  • discount on comps

New Routes and Problems

We know how important it is to keep the climbing fresh and interesting. Not only do we consistently update the gym, we publish where the new routes and problems are. Learn more »here

Architectural Awards

Architects agree; The Front Ogden is a beautiful space. The Front received the 2011 AIA Utah Design Award. Read more  »here

The Front also received the 2011  I.I.D.A Best award for the Play category .

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