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Comp Registration - The Front Climbing Club  Ogden  
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Big Top's Cosmic Boulder Bash
February 23
Ogden Climbing Fest Citizens Comp
April 14
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I understand a signed liability waiver is required to participate in these events.  If the climber is under 18 years old, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

 Pay in person at the front desk


If you have any problems or feedback completing this transaction, just use the 'contact us' link.  Thanks.

Registration Instructions

Prices - Click on venue selection to see current pricing. Prices shown will reflect any pre-registration, multi-comp, or membership discount.

Participant information - enter personal information for the event participant.  Birth date and gender will be used to determine the division. Height info (optional) is used by the route setter to review setting.

Members - Depending on the comp, members of the The Front Climbing Club may receive a discount for a comp.

Email - please leave your email address. We'll send you a receipt plus alert you to future comps.

The Front Climbing Club Divisions
The following are the divisions for the Ogden Climbing Fest Citizens Comp.
Division Age
(Min - Max)*
Female   8 and older
Male   8 and older

The following are the standard divisions for non-USAC comps. Some comps may have unique divisions as established by the gym.
Division Age
(Min - Max)*
Youth   12 and under
Teen   13 - 17
Adult   18 - 28
Older Adult   29 - 39
Oldest Adult   40 and older
Open (V7+)   All Ages

Open Division - For the more competitive climber.  Single male and female open divisions (no age requirements). If you register as an Age Division participant (see below) and score above the average open division score, you will automatically be placed into the Open Division.

Age and/or Ability Divisions - Age/Ability based divisions are for non-competitive climbers.  Gym comps are for your pure climbing pleasure, based on fun and camaraderie.   If you're the competitive type, then select the Open Division! If your score is greater than the average Open Division score, you may be placed into the Open division. 

*age as of: 1/1/2018

Liability Waiver - all participants must have a signed liability waiver on file at The Front Climbing Club to compete in any event.

Contestants under 18 must have the liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to competing. 

Payments - Payments are processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. There is no cost to you.

Acceptance Mark

Refunds given up to the day of the event less $7 service charge.