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Plastic Passion

Wrap Up

Once again, climbers were smitten by a wall covered in beautiful new boulder problems at this year's Plastic Passion Comp!  Sponsored problems had folks lined up in hopes of winning Valentine schwag from Revolution, La Sportiva, Roosters, Petzl, Slackwater, and Black Diamond.  Shoes, Bouldering equipment, gift certificates for great eats and drinks... all for the love of plastic...

Score Card
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Plastic Passion
Luke Weil 2830
Devin Hammonds 2675
Jordon Abney 1910
Micah Diaz 1480
Seth Brinkerhoff 1355
Jonah Powers-Kulpa 1055
Dallin Duce 855
Oden Dillman 845
Calvin Jiricko 795
Omar Zamrini 3030
Alec Quick 3015
Cody Lucas 3010
Axel Dillman 2385
Arbor Johansen 2175
Oriah Knorr 2110
Alex Ulman 2085
Colton Roundy 1905
David Williams 2950
Cole Ross 2840
Ryan Relyea 1980
Jace Harris 1920
Christopher Cox 1705
MIchael Swim 835
Older Adult
Calvin Elson 3155
Adam Ward 3030
Joel Diaz 2040
Jason Smith 1880
Joel May 1440
Open (V7+)
Nathaniel Coleman 4725
Jason Delight 4370
Dave Miller 4295
Austin Hansel 3185
Ashton Malan 1605
Tyler Davis 0
Oldest Adult
Mike Brinkerhoff 3205
Chuck Odette 3035
Eddee Johansen 2805
Dallas Hammonds 2670
Maya Wheeler 2095
Hailey Phillips 2045
Francesca Steiner 1920
Kathleen Stone 1830
Emma Wood 1820
Justine Zaccardi 925
Mikayla Gonzales 615
Kate Rasmussen 2165
Ashlynd Greenwood 1760
Beth Brinkerhoff 1705
Anna Jiricko 855
SarahJane Miller 2635
Katie Pendleton 985
Jessica Kirby 940
Open (V7+)
Amy Cockerham 3525
Rachel Lowe 3000
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